Mark Abma spent a little time in Russia last season while filming with Salomon Freeski TV. Russia is a big country, luckily it comes with big mountains and tons of snow. The goal of the trip was to check out a new Heli Operation based in the Northern Caucaus Mountains and than spend some time at a few ski resorts around Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia. The heli op ended up being based in Mikhail Gorbachev’s summer retreat and the Northern Caucaus’s are a practically unskied mecca of huge glaciated mountains. Mark lived like a president and got a bunch of fresh pow. We will let the photos tell the story.





Sitting in the Utah heat in August I can safely say that I’m content. Of course I would like to be in perfect boot high pow shredding down some epic descent in Alaska. But I’m not, I’m just sweating and watching my lawn turn brown because I don’t want to water it. I’m mostly content because of my memories, looking at my photos and knowing that I’ll get another chance at similar moments in the future. It unrealistic to be out skiing every day. But I can still think about it and fantasize about it every day. Cody Townsend and Mark Abma do a little bit better than just about everybody else at making those fantasies into reality. Both are seemingly obsessed with finding those perfect conditions. Weather its Japan, British Colombia, Tahoe or anywhere in between-Any time I talk to them they are either talking about how good it is where they are or en route to find where its good. I was lucky enough to catch up with them on part of their Alaska tour-the culmination of winter. Abma had converted his truck into Biodiesel that winter. The two of them loaded it up with all the ski gear they had, snowmobiles and 500 gallons of bio-diesel in a trailer and made the three day drive from Pemberton BC to Haines Alaska.

Adam Clark

2084 Kilometers one way from Pemberton to Haines (since there was a Canadan driving) Cody came from Squaw Valley

Gas stations where anywhere they wanted to stop, usually with an inspiring view

Abma didn’t really know that much about his truck past the basics. By the end with the help of a few new friends on the way he was figuring it all out.

The first stop was Pleasant Camp which is just on the Candian side of Haines Alaska. A cabin and helicopter were waiting out in the middle of knowhere. After the first heli flight it was clear to everybody that this was not the spot to be. High winds and light snow combined to make a horrible snowpack with mostly unskiable terrain. A last minute desicion was made to pack it all up and drive to Girdwood.

The camp was awesome, no cell service, internet-just a wood stove and a few bunk beds. Even with bad skiing it was still a great break from the real world. Next time….

And the views weren’t bad for the few nights we were there.

Although it was awesome hanging out and drinking beer, we were searching for those perfect turns. The Girdwood choice was a good one-as you can see Cody was pretty stoked on the extra driving..

After this Abma was talking about how excited he was drive again next season




Abma Take-Off




We had a good run of sunny afternoons and some epic storm days skiing Alyeska. Really, its a perfect setup having an amazing resort next to you. Alyeska has some great tree skiing when its storming and the North Face has a perfect consistent 2500 foot run that keeps your legs ready for when it breaks sunny.



Still, these are the mountains that your thinking about while skiing the resort


After some storm days  it was time to get ready again and go try make some fantasy lines become bar stories.






Where’s Waldo, look hard for Cody going HUGE

Abma dropping in

And sending it


Abma jumping the berg-schrund

It was a great session for the crew. You will be able to check out the footage in MSP’s 20th anniversary movie this Fall.

Thanks To Alyeska, Chugach Powder Guides, Clark Fyans, MSP and Biodiesel!

Mark and Cody continued their journey to the Tordrillo mountain after a nice warm-up in Girdwood…

Mark Abma joins The Levitation Project


TLP is beyond excited to begin working with Mark Abma. Abma stopped by the office to make some of his own new clothes, see the new projects that are coming up and make us all jealous of his season plans.

I decided to work with LP because I was excited to work with a grassroots project. Being involved with a small company and knowing the owner allows for a lot of input. Nico(the owner) has done a lot of research to find a manufacturer that meets to his expectations and I really respect that.

How do you see the future of Levitation?
The future at LP is a bright one. From printing photos to producing sick edits to creating toques, t’s and under layers, I feel like the sky’s the limit. With this kind of diversity there’s a lot opportunity for involvement.

Your Winter?
Due to injury, my last 2 winter have been cut short. That being said I’ve got a hit list of tricks that I’d like check off. I plan on driving to AK in the beginning of March and coming back the end of April, and during that time becoming a lot more familiar with what I feel is the best terrain in the world.

Interior BC

On the road to Interior BC

Snow is starting to fall, winter has really started around the globe. There’s no better way to get fired up for winter than deep pow. And there’s nowhere better for deep pow and early season than interior BC. Every winter storms roll in one after another. Temperatures are cold, days are short and most people are still tuning up there skis. Its the perfect time and place to get summer out of the system and remember why you worked all summer so you can play all winter.

Cody Townsend and Adam Clark spent two weeks in the Selkirks last winter with The Selkirk Wilderness experience filming with MSP for “La Nina The Bitch is Back”. It was 14 days of epic, blower, deep pow. A few moments of sun and memories that will last at least until we are out shredding again the next few weeks. There’s a million shots that go into getting a few good ones for the movie. After shooting for 14 days, sunrise until sunset, it became one of the most productive trips of the season. So here’s 14 days of powder bliss…

Cody and Adam woke up early for an epic sunrise session before the other athletes and filmers showed up. It was the perfect way to start any trip. The Selkirks are known for great powder skiing, good terrain and lots of it. Cody had 3 epic runs in the bag before anybody else was drinking there first cup of coffee at the lodge.

Some memories will stick around a lot longer than the next epic powder day. There’s always a few days that define a winter and it always boils down to a little good luck, getting out there as much as possible and making the most out of any location you are at. This morning was one of those moments.

The clouds made there way in for an afternoon of flat light skiing and scouting with cats and snowmobiles.
And than the snow gods unleashed everything they could. Cody made his way around the Selkirk tenure hitting every cliff, bump, jump and slash he could find.

You can’t hear what Cody is thinking right now, but it goes something like “f*?ck, that was some of the best skiing of my life”
Than its time to go back to the lodge, dial in the sled, enjoy tasty beverages and do it again…

Than its back to work…

Luckily its not all work, here’s Adam getting to enjoy finding the perfect spot to shoot from

After 13 days of non-stop storm the clouds cleared for an afternoon of sunny good times.

Thanks to the guides and crew at SWS and here’s to the next spot, winter, epic ski day.